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Reliable and affordable car finance in Auckland NZ from Dolbak Finance

Are you looking for a company that can provide you with vehicle finance in Auckland? Look no further than Dolbak Finance. Our company is here to make your car buying experience hassle-free and simple. The procedure is very easy and approval is given within a few minutes of submitting the online application. Our highly experienced staff will work hard with you to create a finance package to suit your lifestyle and budget. We have an easy application process to help you in purchasing your choice of vehicle.

Vehicle finance Auckland NZ with flexible repayment options

Whether you need a car for recreation, business or family purposes Dolbak Finance is the company for you. We are here to help you towards realising your dream. We have a very strong customer base in Auckland and serve customers with the utmost priority. We give excellent customer service and follow a simple application procedure.

Why choose Dolbak Finance in Auckland NZ?

  • We always give priority to customers – Dolbak Finance knows that the customer is the “King”, so we tailor a loan that suits your requirements, budget and lifestyle. Our team will contact you at the earliest after submitting the online application form. They will understand your requirements and accordingly discuss the best payment options available to you.
  • Highly flexible repayment options – We ensure our customers get highly flexible repayment options that will not burden your pocket. As soon as your car finance application is approved, we will chart-out a plan for the repayment process. Our aim is to balance everything as per your income.
  • No need to wait for weeks to get approval for your car loan application, as we will process it immediately during working hours. Our motto is to get you on the road as soon as possible. You can contact our customer support team for any kind of query relating to vehicle finance.
  • What are you waiting for? Contact Dolbak Finance for your car finance today. We have the best reputation for looking after our customers.

Take the stress out of buying a car by contacting Dolbak Finance today.

Phone: 09 580 1000


Address: 49 O’Rorke Road, Penrose, Auckland, 1061

Take the stress out of buying a car by making the most of our loaning and financing options.

Phone: 09 580 1000


Address: 49 O'Rorke Road, Penrose, Auckland, 1061

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